PR and SEO pros predict these 11 cannabis industry trends in 2022


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2022 is almost here and we are ready for a change of scenery. The cannabis industry could see some massive changes over the course of the new year, so we decided to have some fun with it and make predictions about what’s to come. Last year we thought about what could happen in the cannabis industry under the new Biden / Harris administration, and as we get closer to this year, it’s interesting to consider whether things are changing – and what will happen next.
We decided to get in touch with our fellow cannabis PR and SEO professionals to take a look inside the industry’s crystal ball. How will the cannabis industry adapt in terms of PR and SEO strategies? What about the 2022 cannabis conferences and events or the upcoming guidelines? Let’s see what the experts had to say.

Cannabinoids and SEO will take the cake

“I think lesser-known cannabinoids are going to be great from a product standpoint – think about how Delta-8 THC exploded and CBG and CBN. I also think the cannabis space is becoming more competitive, so SEO is needed for companies to keep up. ”- Colten Koch, SEO Account Manager

“We will probably research new cannabinoids and their effects. Many people in the industry seem to believe that the Delta-8 THC wave is over, but there are so many consumers who don’t know about Delta-8 and are hungry to learn. Delta-8 THC companies should focus their efforts on getting their name out there. * Cue cannabis PR and SEO* The game plan should be to educate the masses – and build brand awareness. ”- Tony Ham, SEO Account Manager

Cannabis conferences will continue to be virtual

“At conferences – I think the fear of new variants of COVID like Omicron could make people less willing to go to in-person conferences and other events.” – Wilfred Waimiri, PR Account Coordinator

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Cannabis content creation will rise

“Cannabis will be seen and heard in 2022. The creation of written content alone is not enough to stay ahead, especially since barrier-free UX / UI integrations for rankings and SEO are becoming more and more important. Maintaining visual and audio-based media platforms will become an integral part of the year ahead, especially those owned or recognized by Google. ”- Marissa Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Cannabis use lounges will disappear

“I think in 2022 we will see more opportunities for us to be part of cannabis through new, refined, and engaging experiences. As the market grows, so does normalization, and with the advent of open consumer lounges, we will see more pre-rolls and low-dose products such as drinks that blend in with the social environment. ”- Gina Epifano, PR Account Coordinator

Combined PR and SEO strategies will all find recognition

“If and when state legalization is passed, I would expect more acceptance from social media giants, which would give cannabis companies more security in maintaining their social media presence. Until then, investing in PR and SEO as a common approach to digital marketing is more rewarding and financially more strategic. ”- Adryan Corcione, SEO content writer for cannabis

The south will roll up and down

“My forecast for 2022 is for the southeastern United States and Georgia in particular. We’ll see the state grow medical marijuana by a handful of licensees. This leads to problems related to product quality and attention to patient needs. I fear that something will happen in Georgia that is similar to the early Florida industry and also took the toll it took on patients by denying them access to quality medicines and having a limited number of legal suppliers. ” – Dallas Evelyn, business development manager

Cannabis legislation will increase

“More European countries will open up to the legalization of leisure activities. I also think the US will pass banking legislation and the edibles market share will continue to grow. ”- Lucas Wentworth, PR Account Manager

MSO consolidation will take place

“When New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other states go online, many more small businesses will be launched than they are now. There will likely be significant consolidation in larger companies and many new smaller companies will be formed with their own needs. ”- Evan Nison, Founder & Owner

What do other experts think?

There is also speculation that the Gen Z demographic will continue to increase the involvement of the cannabis industry. Experts also predict a continued increase in a variety of products to choose from, particularly with a view to 2022. However, the main trend to watch out for is increasing interest from governments legislating to bring their states into the industry.

According to BillTrack50 “2021 Marijuana Legislation and Regulation Summary and Outlook 2022” Led by panelists Tom Angell of Marijuana Moment, Karen O’Keefe of the Marijuana Policy Project, Justin Strekal of NORML, and Shaleen Title of the Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition, the movement was particularly noticeable in the legislative chamber.
Although not much has changed in relation to the Biden administration in 2021, Congress continues to be actively involved in cannabis legislation research, access for veterans, improving the language related to cannabis in the Infrastructure Act, and assisting entrepreneurs entering the cannabis field enter.

The panel of experts mentioned above predicted that in the coming year, more lawmakers will look beyond cannabis to psychedelics and other broader forms of drug policy change. For example, Texas passed a measure to explore the medicinal benefits of MDMA, psilocybin, and ketamine in treating military veterans. Rhode Island has also passed a pilot safe use program while others all but missed: California almost legalized psychedelics, while Maine almost passed decriminalization of drug possession.

Everyone looks to the future of multiple legalization. In terms of state success, there are more than a dozen electoral initiatives in the states seeking to legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis. There could be movement in small populated states like South Dakota or Nebraska to crack down on legalization, while other Midwestern states like North Dakota, Ohio and Missouri could also see possible action. There could also be more legal grass in the east coast region, including Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware. Medical could finally get to the Carolinas, Kansas, and Mississippi as well, but it remains to be seen.

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